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Deeper Insights + Faster Actions

Using our expertise in Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, domain knowledge and enterprise technology. Insights are generated from every customer interaction across all touch points, processing both structured and Unstructured data (including voice calls, emails, chat, text….)

We then help organizations to effectively “action” the Insights to deliver enhanced business outcomes – faster revenue growth and improved customer satisfaction.

Risk & Compliance

Identify Misrepresentation and Mis selling, preventing reputational risk and staying on the right side of the regulator.


Increase marketing campaign effectiveness by allowing real time fine tuning of campaign elements based on customer feedback.

Customer Service

Predict which customers are likely to escalate/complain. Improve Customer Satisfaction levels by increasing First Call Resolution.


Increase sales conversion by actively guiding sales agent in tailored journeys for better outcomes.

Klue.Ai is a solution from Suprath Technologies, a technology company headquartered in Bangalore, India

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