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Activate Customer Habits. Drive Higher Levels of Growth, Profitability & Customer Satisfaction.

Human beings are creatures of habit. Studies show that about half of all our daily activities are driven by habit. Habits also drive the way people interact with products and services and brands. Habitual.Ai is a solution that helps brands leverage the knowledge of how habits are formed to achieve desired outcomes. Habitual.Ai solution is tailored to understand financial habits and serves the financial services industry.

Habitual.Ai analysis customer transaction data understands patterns and identifies paths that customers have taken to become habitual users. Insights from these unique paths arms banks with habit-forming recommendations that maximize the customers’ perceived utility of the product, for every customer. In other words, Habitual.Ai enables banks to build customer habits at scale.

Habitual.Ai is different from existing analytical solutions as it does not focus on “next best action” but on “next series of actions to become habitual customers” and because it provides recommendations at an individual customer level as against a segment level

Service Advantage

By automating the creation of customer habits, Habitual.AI empowers businesses to

  • – Drive & control product stickiness that lasts
  • – Turbocharge the lifetime value of a customer base
  • – Slash customer churn rates
  • – Amplify user engagement
  • – Spot new business opportunities in product development or partnerships

Habitual.Ai is a solution from 3LOQ, a technology company headquartered in Hyderabad, India

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