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A common client-side frustration with consultants occurs when they present high-level solutions with an inadequate understanding of the grassroot implementation problems.
At Sequentis, we have real-world, client-side experience. This lets us bring simple yet powerful solutions and the ideal balance between strategy and delivery of results.

Some of the key challenges we address through our consulting services

Pragmatic and Viable Segmentation

  • Multi dimensional life-stage affordability and phsycographic segments
  • Targeted and linked to business goals
  • Actionalable/measurable with the ability to develop differentiated proposition, distribution and fulfillment programs for each

Innovation to financially enable the social customer

  • Social media listening/engagement, neuroscience & behavirol research.
  • Applying crowdsourcing, gamification, PFM Tools, Social commerce.

Simple yet holistic customer experience platform

  • Key services and the consumer context definition.
  • Value stream maps for each service.
  • Experience design using emotional signature elements.
  • Staff incentive & training program design.

Convergent Engagement Platform

  • Converge information from diverse data sources.
  • Robust and Practical data analytics.
  • Marketing automation.
  • Converge information/communication to all channels.
  • Track and learn from engagement information real time.

Contextual Acquisition Frame

  • Context of a customer need and timing critical to acquisition.
  • Category trigger repository.
  • End to end journey maps for all triggers.
  • Acquisition blueprint/platform to be the basis for all acquisition campaigns.
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