Our Purpose:

To help customers achieve sustained revenue growth by helping them develop more profitable, long term relationships with their customers. In Sequentis language, we deliver "Sticky Customers"

Long term sustainable revenue growth.  An easy phrase to write or read, but much more difficult to achieve in today's competitive world.  We know this from having worked most of our professional lives trying to realize it for some of the largest and most recognized companies in the world.

Having worked at it for more than two decades, we at Sequentis have had the opportunity to think deeply about sustained growth, and to understand how it is best achieved. We've also come to know how it is not achieved, and learned there are no shortcuts or magic formulas to getting there. While having a large and growing base of loyal customers is one of the most sought after goals of any company, achieving it is no small task. 

It is our firm's belief that achieving long term sustainable growth can best be achieved through finding, acquiring and cultivating relationships with customers who are predisposed to being loyal to one's products or services.  This requires an in-depth understanding of consumer psychology and how people make decisions – which is often in ways that are counter-intuitive.

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