Our Guiding Beliefs

Everything we do at Sequentis is guided by the belief that the difference between the ordinary and extraordinary is the ability to “connect experiences” and recognize patterns which others might not see.

We recognize the critical role of emotions in the way people make decisions and leverage this knowledge in designing programs which engender loyalty.

We understand the consumer world has changed irreversibly and that we must now bring social technologies, media and behavior into every aspect of customer interaction.

21,34,55,89,144. . . .

To most people, this is probably just a series of random numbers.  But to those who are able to recognize a pattern, it is the Fibonacci sequence.

This illustrates a point that in general, most people tend to focus on individual elements and not on the sequence of how each element interacts with the others.  We’ve often seen this “siloed” approach adopted by businesses as well.  For example:

  • Companies may know their product profitability, but not know revenue or profit per customer or segment
  • They design on-boarding programs at a product level vs. at a customer relationship level
  • They fail to install an end-to-end process that encompasses all the functions and teams that play a role in the value chain
  • They know what percentage of customers were attracted through a sales promotion but do not know those that have left due to a competitor’s promotion

At Sequentis, we specialize in stepping back, taking a holistic view, and deciphering cause and effect and seeking patterns and connections that have not been previously recognized; be that due to habit, tradition or perhaps long held and outdated “internal beliefs”.   Our particular forte is in bringing a fresh approach to old problems, and our new set of eyes can nearly always unlock even the toughest challenges, frequently in surprisingly simple and cost effective ways that seem “obvious” after the fact.

We also recognize the important role of emotions in the way people make decisions. We understand that people decide emotionally and then explain their behavior rationally. This core insight helps us to direct and change consumer attitudes and behaviors.

In addition to taking a holistic view and recognizing the role of emotions we fully acknowledge that the digital world is being built around people; that people now live within social networks and that social networks and technologies determine how people influence each other.  This knowledge guides our every approach in developing programs to solve our client’s needs.

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