Our Difference

Sequentis was born out of the recognition of an opportunity to bring the ideal balance of experience and delivery of results that we sought.

After all, knowing that something works is different from knowing how it works. That's where we come in. We've been there, we've done it. Our methods, frameworks, approaches and processes have all been proven in the field – across industries, geographies, disciplines and cultures (both human and corporate).

Given our diverse experience, it is highly likely we have faced and solved your particular problem before.

Like us in our former company roles, you probably are challenged more now than ever by the growing divide between your expectations and the capabilities of Strategic and Marketing agencies.

As ex-clients ourselves we understand your efforts to bridge this divide and strike a good balance between:

  • The strategic consultancy companies that outline what needs to be done but not specifically how, and the tactical marketing agencies eager to perform, but lacking strategic direction and requiring time-consuming hand holding
  • Your practical business priorities and the ambitious but often off target creative ideas of the agency
  • Fresh, cutting edge solutions from specialized but fragmented boutique agencies and the often times dated or mediocre outputs from large integrated agencies

We also appreciate that the desired balance is only a means to an end. The end is sustained revenue growth. We strongly believe “sticky customers” underpin sustained revenue growth.

Our tested guiding beliefs and our unique operating model help us deliver “Sticky Customers”, and we are eager to demonstrate how this can be done for you.

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