Our Approach & Deliverables

Sequentis designs and implements programs that will get customers to not only choose you and buy from you, but also to use you for all their needs, bond with you and recruit others to choose you. In other words, our programs will help turn your customers into very ardent fans.

Sequentis has created and deploys a disciplined, scientific and sequenced approach to business problems.  This involves three distinct steps:

  • Strategic Alignment
  • Platform Development
  • Revenue Generation Programs

Strategy Alignment involves a process for understanding and developing a “Right to Win”, followed by the development of segmentation, targeting, positioning, proposition creation, distribution and fulfillment, all supported by rigorous analytics. 

Based on the Strategic Alignment, key customer centric platforms can then be developed. Shared Value is a core Sequentis deliverable as it provides the common thread that brings brand positioning to action and guides customers down their “Choose, Buy and Use” journey; ultimately helping Sequentis clients to better attract, acquire, cross sell and retain customers.

From the Choose, Buy and Use Platforms revenue generation programs are able to be created to deliver lifetime-loyal, “sticky customers”.

Specific strategic and action oriented deliverables

In other words, the Sequentis approach is able to deliver proven results for business applications such as these:

Strategic deliverables

  • Identifying market segments and specific segments to target
  • Defining a winning positioning
  • Understanding customer needs and competitor offerings to define new customer propositions
  • Determining the optimal channel mix to meet target customer needs
  • Outlining the optimal customer fulfillment environment
  • Defining the organizational culture and developing programs to align the entire organization so that it “lives the brand” and its values
  • Understanding a customer base through data management and analytics for retention, channel management and cross sell opportunities

Action oriented deliverables

  • Define acquisition platforms and campaigns to attract prospects
  • Develop effective cross sell programs
  • Improve retention levels and product usage levels
  • Develop end-to-end customer experience programs
  • Reduce attrition and dormancy levels
  • Generate high levels of loyalty and customer recommendation
  • Reduce the volume of customer complaints and improve satisfaction
  • Develop customer loyalty programs
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