Sequentis Consulting is a management consulting firm with particular expertise in Business Strategy, Marketing and Customer Experience.

Our objective is to help companies achieve sustained revenue growth by helping them develop more profitable, long term relationships with their customers. In Sequentis language, we deliver "Sticky Customers" i.e., customers who not only choose you, but do so for the right reasons and then go on to use you comprehensively and even recruit others for you.

Sequentis is guided by the belief that the difference between the ordinary and extraordinary is the ability to "connect experiences" and recognize patterns which are not immediately apparent. We understand and emphasize the critical role of emotions in the way people make decisions and leverage this knowledge in designing programs which engender loyalty. We also recognize the consumer world has changed irreversibly and that we must now bring social technologies, media and behavior into every aspect of customer interaction.

Our firm is comprised of seasoned individuals with rich and diverse backgrounds and real-world working experience in more than 15 major organizations, four continents and nine industry sectors. We are accredited industry leaders in our respective fields and are bound together by the common purpose of providing innovative, meaningful and long lasting solutions to our clients. In addition, we have developed a carefully selected "ecosystem" of leading edge companies across various specialized domains who share our common belief and whose expertise can be called upon to work with us as the "One Sequentis" team for each client.

Our goal is to bring our clients the ideal balance of experience and delivery of results via simple yet powerful solutions. Our methods, frameworks, approaches and processes have all been proven in the field – across industries, geographies, disciplines and cultures (both human and corporate). Given our diverse experience, it is highly likely we have faced and solved your particular problem before.

We invite you to put us to work!

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